The natural liquid extract specialist

Eric Barreau and Florentin Donot (PhD) founded Tinctura in 2018, at the intersection of their respective career paths at that time: scientific in Florentin’s case, industrial in Eric’s. It was a fusion of a wealth of skills and a unique vision: to make the benefits of responsibly, sustainably sourced ingredients more accessible, produced through an innovative industrial process.

Tinctura, at the intersection of science and industry

Eric Barreau

Eric has over 20 years' experience in designing, managing and maintaining industrial sites in the energy and agri-food sectors. His role at Tinctura is that of Managing Director, overseeing all industrial activities.

Florentin has almost 15 years' experience of researching and developing innovative tools to produce microorganisms and extract molecules for the nutraceutical sector. His role at Tinctura is that of CEO, coordinating all activities.

The complementary nature of their fields of expertise – research and industrial production – led the two to develop an innovative extraction process. It paved the way to obtaining an initial organic liquid extract of phycocyanine-rich spirulina, which is complex to use and stabilise.

Building on this experience, Tinctura has since specialised in researching, developing, manufacturing and packaging innovative natural liquid extracts, derived from plant life and marine life, destined for the nutraceutical and agri-food markets and for use in animal nutrition. We place our know-how at our clients’ service to provide high added-value products, not only ensuring the bioavailability of the active ingredients but also maintaining their nutritional, functional and sensory properties.

We propose two ranges of liquid extracts, rich in specific nutrients:

picto gamme marine

Marine-derived range

our long-established range that began with the French organic liquid extract of phycocyanine-rich spirulina


Plant-derived range

comprising concentrated organic extracts

Our extracts are available “as is” from our existing range, or can be integrated in a bespoke formula designed by our teams. We also work closely with you on the packaging of your products.

Tinctura, a breton company on a human scale

Since the company’s creation, our Tinctura laboratory and production site have been based in Brittany, in the Ploudaniel area of the Finistère département (29).

We are a human-scale company, with a multidisciplinary team of 10 people working across several divisions: R&D, production, quality and sales.

This organisational model, made possible thanks to the close collaboration between members of this multidisciplinary team, means we can guarantee a fast response, adaptability and agility for our clients at all stages of their projects.

The difference with us at Tinctura

Through a virtuous model we design natural extracts that are beneficial and ethical, born of cutting-edge innovation. Our natural extracts are designed to be preservative-free and undergo no heat treatment between extraction and packaging, since our aim is to preserve all the benefits offered by the molecules. Our pledge is to provide nutritional solutions that reflect a greater commitment to responsibility and sustainability; the majority of our raw materials are of French or European origin, and certified organic as far upstream as possible.

Finally, our solutions at Tinctura meet the three key criteria in the health-nutrition landscape of the future: good for the planet, good for human and animal health, and tastes good too!

Tinctura in figures


2000 L

Daily production capacity: 2,000 litres of extracts



35,000 ampoules filled per hour


30 m²

A 30-m² R&D laboratory


450 m²

A 450-m² production site


+ 15

Technological equipment comprising more than 15 machines



A multidisciplinary team of 10 people