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Our innovative liquid extracts

Our innovative liquid extracts, the result of tireless monitoring by our R&D division, respond to market challenges in nutrition and health.

Our ranges (marine-derived and plant-derived) are supported by nutritional and health claims authorized by EFSA, and are intended for the formulation of your food supplements and functional drinks.

Vitalité / Immunité

Vitality / Immunity

the number 1 health promise sought by French people researching food supplements and functional drinks¹,².

Stress / Sommeil

Stress / Sleep

In French pharmacies, food supplements promising to reduce stress / improve sleep saw their biggest leap in popularity for three years, with 12.1% growth in 2021¹.


The nutricosmetics market is booming, two-thirds of which is dominated by Asia and Europe. Consumption is mainly driven products promising to enhance the beauty of skin and hair.

Nutrition active et sportive

Active and sports nutrition

The sports nutrition target market is expanding, bringing in active consumers looking to stay in shape. Beyond the traditional claims about boosting endurance or recovery, more holistic promises are emerging (for example, relating to joint comfort or immunity).

Plant-based alternatives

For the last two decades, vegetarians and vegans have not been the only ones attracted by plant-based alternatives. First and foremost, consumers want products that taste good while also being good for both human and planetary health.

And much more…

We can accompany you on other health promises according to your projects, do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas.

Our innovative liquid extract ranges

Marine-derived range

Organic liquid extracts of phycocyanine-rich spirulina

  • Phycocyanine concentration from 1g/L to 5g/L
  • Organic-certified spirulina (Ecocert control FR-BIO-01) of French origin
  • Can be associated with vitamins and minerals
  • Fragrance can be added on request

Marine plasma

  • References: hypertonic, isotonic, marine magnesium
  • Magnesium concentration adjustable in line with your requirements
  • Fragrance can be added on request

Minerals (magnesium, iodine), vitamins and active molecules from algae

Plant-derived range

Liquid plant extracts titrated in vitamins and minerals (minimum 15% of NRV)

  • Minerals: particularly zinc, selenium, iron
  • Vitamins: particularly C, B12, B9
  • Fragrance can be added on request
  • Most of the reference extracts are organic (Ecocert control FR-BIO-01)

Liquid plant extracts titrated in active molecules

  • Can be associated with vitamins and minerals
  • Fragrance can be added on request
  • Most of the reference extracts are organic (Ecocert control FR-BIO-01)

To find out more about our innovative liquid extract ranges,
feel free to get in touch.

Innovative liquid extracts supported by claims

We offer both innovative liquid extracts supported by EFSA-authorised claims, such as:

  • Nutritional claims: source of / rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Generic health claims: reduces tiredness, supports immunity, lowers oxidative stress, etc…


…in addition to extracts supported by specific health claims authorised by the EFSA:

  • Active plant-derived ingredients validated by clinical studies
  • Emotional balance, improved sleep, healthy hair, skin and nails, etc.

Health claim: “Spirulina works to support the body’s immune system. Phycocyanine (one of the phytonutrients found in Spirulina) is a powerful immunostimulant.”

Nutritional claim: “Source of magnesium”

Related health claim: “Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness”


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