The benefits of spirulina in liquid form

Tinctura was born from a will:
to make available to all active molecules of algae, recognized for their health benefits, in liquid form.

Rich in their previous experience, both in research and industrialization, two “partners” founded the Tinctura laboratory, expert in plant extraction. Since 2018, Tinctura has installed its laboratory and production site in Ploudaniel, Brittany.

With health as its spearhead, the laboratory first developed a biological aqueous extract concentrated in phycocyanin.
Extracted from a fresh French spirulina, phycocyanin has many health benefits, recognised by various scientific studies:

Antioxidant effects

Immunostimulant effects

The laboratory is aimed at the:

  • Human health nutrition
  • Animal Health Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutricosmetics
  • Agri-food

In numbers, Tinctura is:

daily 1000 L
of plant extracts

A filling of
12,000 bulbs per hour

An R&D laboratory
of 323 sq. ft.

A production workshop
of 300 sq. m.

Technological equipment
more than 10 machines