Products: Health as a spearhead

Born out of a desire to make all the active molecules of algae accessible to all, the laboratory has developed its own biological aqueous extract, concentrated in phycocyanin.

Extracted from fresh French spirulina, phycocyanin is considered to be the active core of the micro-algae.

In a more technical way, phycocyanin is a blue pigment with red reflections associated with a protein.
Phycocyanin is just as rich in health benefits as it is sensitive, particularly from a thermal point of view, when the temperature reaches or exceeds 30°C. It is in this sense that Tinctura has developed a unique extraction process, cold, without chemical solvents, from a fresh French way. This process, which is simple in appearance only, allows to preserve all the health benefits of phycocyanin.


Many scientific studies focus on the health benefits of phycocyanin which are as follows:

Antioxidant effects

Immunostimulant effects

In a few words, phycocyanin is mainly described as strengthening the immune system, fighting fatigue, anemia and accelerating recovery after physical exertion.

To go further…

The liquid form of the extract preserves all the active molecules in their native form and is therefore fully bio-available and therefore assimilable by the body.

The willingness to meet the needs of each of its partners

Tinctura produces, develops and formulates its organic aqueous extract concentrated in phycocyanin, both on the concentration, the natural organic aromas that can be associated with it and on the packaging. PAH and heavy metals.