Process: a 100% natural phycocyanin

Tinctura has a laboratory intended for R&D and quality control of our products in addition to analises carried out by COFRAC accredited laboratories (ISO 17025).

A 30 m² laboratory

Intended for R&D and quality control of our incoming and outgoing products, in addition to analises carried out by external COFRAC laboratories (ISO 17025).

A 300 m² production workshop

It incorporates a large number of technological equipments related in particular to filtration and plant extraction. All the extracts are made cold, without chemical solvents. This same workshop has a sterile clean room (ISO 5 flow) whose main activity is the packaging of extracts, which, thanks also to their purity, enables us to provide our laboratory partners with high quality and totally stable products, without preservatives.

ISO 22000 certfification

In order to guarantee traceability and safety to all consumers, Tinctura is ISO 22000 certification (Food Safety Management Standard).

Source control

The supply of the raw materials used to make the plant extracts is strictly controlled. In addition to their French origin, they are regularly subjected to various analises concerning bacteriology, PAHs and heavy metals, among other things.


Screening of raw materials, development of formulas


Cold extraction, without chemical solvents


Quality control of all products with external contract laboratories

Product development

Follow-up of a specification or custom development